The two hypnotherapy sessions I had with Kathryn forever changed my life, and I’m able to still use it to calm me, all these years later!
Imagine having anxiety about climbing into the back seat of a hatchback car.​ Imagine having anxiety in the arenas.​ Imagine having the anxiety to fly.​
​Imagine having anxiety crossing over a bridge in a car.​ Imagine having the anxiety to sit on the “inside” seat of a restaurant booth.​
Imagine having anxiety in crowded places.​ Now imagine that anxiety was so strong, that it caused panic attacks in the days leading up to being put in those situations. When you have anxiety, your heart starts to beat faster. A chemical reaction occurs that has adrenaline levels elevate drastically.​ This was me for many years in my late 20’s and early 30’s. I would avoid being put into positions, where I knew I would be uncomfortable and have “fight or flight” thoughts. ​A lot of my anxiety stemmed from feeling like I wasn’t in control of a situation.​ I’m opening up about this, because anxiety is such a hard thing to go through, and can make you feel alone. It’s somewhat easy to hide, from the rest of the world. ​And if I have some friends that could overcome this the way I did, I hope this post will help. They say that people that suffer from anxiety are highly creative and also intelligent because they generate numerous possibilities in their heads of the “worst possible scenario.” 

​ Even though I was a relatively positive person, I would still come up with how things could go wrong, in various situations. ​So what changed for me? How’d I shake the anxiety? ​I had a good friend, when I was in my early 30s, seeing me suffer and asked if I had ever thought of seeing a hypnotherapist. He’d used hypnotherapy to quit smoking and also he also had a friend with debilitating anxiety about getting on airplanes, that used hypnotherapy to get rid of that anxiety. ​I hadn’t thought of hypnotherapy, but based on what he told me about it, I was willing to try it. I was willing to try anything at that point since I’d suffered from this anxiety for years and it was drastically affecting my quality of life and the situations I’d allow myself to get into. ​I ended up going to my hypnotherapist, Kathryn Shearer twice. After the first visit, I left her office, with an elated feeling and a huge smile on my face. ​It was a feeling I hadn’t had before and it is actually hard to explain the sensation.​ Kathryn programmed my mind with a mantra that I would say if I ever felt that anxiety creeping in. “I’m protecting my health, building my self-confidence, and taking control of my life.”
Sounds like an easy enough mantra. Although the words mean something, the real magic was in her programming my brain, to calm me, whenever I said those words to myself. Kathryn also programmed me to be able to self-hypnotize myself, when I wanted to sleep, calm myself, or meditate, by counting backwards from 15 to 1. ​And when I do this and hit “7”, I start to literally feel my body relaxing.​ ​ So, if you are my friend suffering from anxiety, just know that you aren’t alone and I’m here, if you want to ever talk. ​​Scott Hartis, Hartis Property Experts Charlotte

Good morning Kathryn, Happy Holidays and hope you are doing well.
It’s been 2 and half months since we last spoke and I wanted to let you know my session with you has been nothing short of astonishing,
Happy to say, I have not touched a cigarette since!   (Sept 29, 2016)
After 30yrs, it has been farewell to Marlboro Lights. Kimberly and I both are so grateful to you. It has strengthened me and our relationship tremendously. Thank you so much,

I have been blessed by my experience working with Kathryn Shearer as my counselor and hypnotherapist. Kathryn has a tremendous gift to swiftly discover the hidden issues that plague the client, a gentle loving spirit to impart the necessary path to change and the commitment to your success in achieving your goals. I would highly recommend Kathryn for any unresolved issues or concerns that need to be addressed and to facilitate the healing process in both the conscious and unconscious realms of our physical and spiritual lives. She’s FABULOUS!

Charlotte Hypnosis is therapy at its best!
Finding Charlotte Hypnosis was the best thing that ever happened to my husband and me for all or our life challenges. He first described it as feeling you have just had a “massage with your mind” always coming out of a session feeling very refreshed and renewed to handle whatever comes your way. We have found it to be that and so much more. With a therapist who excells in her field, Kathryn Shearer is very inspiring with all of her knowledge and continuing quests to learn and know as much as possible to assist any issue. Couple the hypnotherapy with the latest in biofeedback, also offered by this therapist and you have stress management at its best. This therapy is above all else.

A few years ago I was having some real issues with a business partner. The stress of this relationship was taking a big toll on my life in general. I went to Kathryn for help. She was phenomenal! She helped me through one of the toughest times I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend Kathryn to anyone looking to hypnosis as a therapy.

Just wanted to tell you that thanks to your help, I am still not smoking.  I think this makes it starting my 3rd year.  I find it hard to believe that I really don’t miss it, or yearn for it like I thought I would.  I entered into the whole thing half heartedly as you know, between you and the chantix, I am so shocked that I am where I am today.
Hope this finds you well and your practice thriving.  Many thanks!

I had to take a moment to thank you for your help with my daughter. She had a dance competition last weekend and this weekend. We were holding our breath through every dance last weekend and were pleasantly surprised when she made it through all “5” of her dances without showing any signs of feeling sick!!! She told me that she did not think that she needed another session, even though she loved you. She was right!! She made it through all five dances feeling perfectly fine this weekend as well!!! She and I both just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help. Her dance teachers were overjoyed as well. They feel like they have the old * back!! We will definitely recommend your services to anyone in need.
Thanks So Much!

Kathryn Shearer
Charlotte Hypnosis