Hypnosis for weight loss is a highly effective weight loss strategy for many people.

Hypnotherapy, or the use of hypnosis to enhance weight loss in this case, promotes a healthy lifestyle by changing the way we think about food. In fact, it can be more effective than other common and well-known dieting methods. With hypnosis, you can set your mind on the perfect weight that you want to achieve and then go about eating according to your plan.

Are you familiar with the term Mindless eating?

Can we be mindful of what we eat?


The majority of overweight individuals aren’t even enjoying the food they eat.

We want you to enjoy your food and be conscious of what you’re eating at all times.


When we watch TV and bring food into the sitting area, an hour can pass, and after the programs are over, you may find that you have eaten more than you intended.

This may be the best way to understand distracted eating.


Social eating is often done unconsciously with others, but it’s a good habit to develop to eat what you want, when you want and to think about the food you eat instead of just unconsciously eating without having any control or memory of it.


Mindless Eating: What is it?

If the brain is distracted and the person is not paying attention to the food they are eating, they are eating mindlessly.

How does Mindful Eating work?

The mindful eater is aware of what type of food they are eating, how much of it they are eating, and really savor it.

In order to maintain your weight, let me bring your attention to a few factors you might not be considering. We’ll get into more detail about each one.
  1. Do you eat only two meals a day? When you spread out the same amount of calories over three to four meals, your body would burn off more calories. If you skip a meal, your body will burn fewer calories.
  2. Does someone else do the shopping? Even though ordering takeout is faster than getting into a car, etc., once you start cooking, you’ll want to do it every night. Go to the store and buy ingredients for one special meal you will prepare. You might be surprised by the results.
  3. Does someone else do the cooking? Cooking looks like a lot of work. “When is dinner ready?” is something you may ask someone.”. Getting to know your food by preparing it is a great exercise (there’s that “E” word again). Additionally, cooking a meal for yourself and your family can be an enjoyable experience
  4. Do you enjoy your food? The answer is yes. This might be our biggest (pun intended) help for you. We want you to enjoy your meals. You should savor every bite of your food. It is important to savor every moment of the meal. Every bite can be truly enjoyed when you are consciously aware of it. Does this lead to weight loss? Most over eaters are not even aware that they are overeating. We call it mindless eating. Most people don’t enjoy eating because they are unaware of what they are eating. While watching TV, driving in the car, or talking on the phone, they may mindlessly eat. Think about it. Have you ever watched a television show and wondered, “Did I really just eat a whole bag of potato chips?”


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